On November 20th 2014 , Dragon-Star announced a pilot Travel Grant Scheme which aimed at supporting European Research Lab representatives to travel to China and hold meetings with Chinese counterparts so as to explore the possibility of setting up Joint Research Structures and relevant twinning activities. This action was expected to strengthen on‐going relationships and collaboration with Chinese Science Labs.

In total 30 researchers from 7 countries applied for the travel grand, while most of the applications came from Italy , Greece and Romania.


 The evaluation of the applications was conducted by four experts and all the applications were rated by at least 3 evaluators. The 4 grantees with the highest average rating were the following :

From Greece | Nick Sigrimis

Dr. Nick Sirigmis is active in the field of Precision Agriculture in areas such as Precision Livestock Farming (RFID) , Precision Horticulture ,  Precision irrigation, aerial applications (‘copters) and machine embedded Traceability. Currently he is professor at the Agricultural  University of Athens , whereas in paralell he is running a spin off company.

From Greece | Vassilis Kabourlazos

Dr. Vassilis Kabourlazos is expert in Human‐Machines Interaction (HMI) applications such as cognitive robotics as well as software interfaces via the Internet. He works for the Department of Computer and Informatics Engineering Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Institute of Technology as Professor

From UK | Lesley Torrance

Her interests include plant virology, including disease diagnosis, virus evolution, plant defense, host-virus interactions and virus-vector interactions that will lead to a deeper understanding of resistance mechanisms and enable us to devise sustainable methods of early detection and disease control. She is Group Leader in the unit of Cell and Molecular Sciences in James Hutton Institute and Professor in the School of Biology of the University of St Andrews .

From UK | Stephen A. Sitch

Dr. Stephen A. Sitch is interested in the integrated analysis of vulnerability to climate change of large transboundary region with possible economic conflicts and disparities. Ath the moment he is Professor and Chair in the Climate Change Department of the University of Exeter.


The page will be updated with the outcome of the pilot Travel Grant Scheme.