Travel Grant Scheme: Individual Vouchers

DRAGON-STAR, 1st call for Applications, 31 st May – 31st July 2013

Within the context of the Dragon-STAR project a Travel Grant Scheme will be implemented. The Travel Grant Scheme provides the opportunity for European organizations to investigate the Chinese market and identify suitable partners to conclude technological and/or research collaboration. It also provides financial support to eligible European organizations to travel to China. The Travel Grant Scheme is composed of two elements:

(1) Individual Vouchers, and

 (2) Participation in Brokerage Events (BEs) and/or Missions.

The Individual Vouchers Scheme is designed to cover part of the traveling expenses of European organizations to visit Chinese counterparts of their choice and discuss the possibility of concluding technological and/or research collaboration and agreements. The BEs and Missions scheme is designed to reimburse traveling expenses of European organizations to visit an international fair in China and/or participate in a BE (in parallel to an international fair or conference), meet with Chinese counterparts and discuss potential collaborations.


The aim of the Individual Vouchers Scheme is to support technological and research collaboration between Chinese and European organizations in order to explore the opportunities, not only for joint participation in the European Commission’s HORIZON 2020 programme, but also the possibilities of concluding technological agreements. The Individual Vouchers Scheme is designed to cover the traveling expenses of European organizations to visit Chinese counterparts of their choice and discuss the possibility of concluding technological and/or research collaboration and agreements.

The call

The call is open from the 31st May until 31st July 2013. It supports representatives from European organizations from the EU Member States and China to meet their counterparts For the preparation of the call documentation, material from the ENLACE project was used from the other region for joint preparation of a project proposal in one of the upcoming HORIZON 2020 calls or for the conclusion of technological co-operations. The topic of the planned joint project proposal has to lie within the following areas defined by the HORIZON 2020 calls.


• The individual Innovation Vouchers will cover 50% of the traveling expenses and/or subsistence with a maximum of €1000 for European organizations seeking co-operation with one or more specific and pre-defined Chinese organization

• It is expected that approximately 25 organizations will benefit from this scheme, which means that a total of €25.000 will be allocated

• In the case that not all the budget is allocated, additional calls will follow until the budget has been used up.

Timetable for the 1st call

  • 31/05 to 31/07 2013 1st, call is open
  • 01/08 to 30/09 2013 Evaluation
  • 30/09 2013 Final selection by the Project Steering Committee Meeting
  • 11/10 2013 Applicants informed of selection results

More information

Download the DragonSTAR 1st call application documents


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