orionUniversity of Macerata (Italy)

Francesca Spigarelli

Beijing Normal University (China)

Ruxiao Qu






What is the innovation and what is it about?

The innovation developed is related to the winning partnership between University of Macerata (UniMC) and Beijing Normal University (BNU).

In 2011 a Confucius Institute was opened under the Hanban Institute in Macerata. In 2013 this Confucius Institute won the prize as Best Confucius Institute in the world.

In 2012 UniMC won a prestigious FP7 project as coordinator, involving also BNU. The project is a “PEOPLE MARIE CURIE ACTIONS International Research Staff Exchange Scheme (IRSES)” on partnering opportunities between Europe and China in the renewable energies and environmental industries. In POREEN (budget: 700.000 €), researchers develop multidisciplinary studies on the environmental issues related to Europe and China, involving more than 40 researchers of 9 partner institutions.

In 2013 University of Macerata won another FP7-IRSES project as vice coordinator, involving also BNU, addressing health care solutions (www.chetch.eu). The project started in January 2014, involving more than 60 researchers, of 11 partner institutions (budget: 700.000 €). In CHETCH, researchers develop studies on health care cooperation between Europe and China.


What are the key impacts?

Key impacts have been:

  • Multidisciplinarity
  • New EU-Chinese cooperation opportunities

Research impact on:

  • Environmental sector
  • Health care sector
  • Social Science and Humanities


What are the added values and what were the biggest challenges of your cooperation?

The most added value is the winning partnership in terms of the research team to support application for European funded projects. Thanks to EU funded project, mobility is huge between UniMC and BNU. Experienced and Early stage researchers are spending periods abroad and can upgrade their international and interdisciplinary profile.

Biggest challenges that have been faced are language barriers as well as different research methods and standards.



www.poreen.eu; www.unimc.it