medicalChongqing Bangqiao Science & Technology Co., LTD (China)

Jiao Chen

UK ENFIS Group PLC (United Kingdom)

Ceri Jones




What is the innovation and what is it about?

The project is a new concept, which is put up with by Chongqing Bangqiao Science & Technology Co., Ltd. Chongqing Bangqiao has undertaken the research of core technology and applied for a patent. Color temperature adjustable LED chip and colour temperature adjustable controller of this project are researched and developed by the two cooperating parties. The product of this project- shadowless surgical lamp adopts multiple colour temperature adjustable LED light source with overall encapsulation type to realize uniform illumination, adjustable colour temperature, adjustable brightness and shadowless illumination; other products adopt single light source to form surgical illumination with aptotic colour temperature or adopt independent light source with multiple colours to form surgical illumination with changeable colour temperature. Its uniformity of illumination and colour temperature is poor. When one kind of colour light source is shaded, colour temperature will change and colour fringe will come up.

What are the key impacts?

Compared with other global similar products, these project results do good to improve surgery quality, reduce medical accident risk and secure life safety of patients, except for energy-saving feature. Besides, products of this project help to establish a new criterion for surgical lighting and laminar flow purification so as to provide a bright and comfortable environment to meet the requirements of medical diagnosis, emergency rescue and patient recovery. Moreover, it also assists to promote and implement measures of energy-saving and emission-reduction.

What are the added values and what were the biggest challenges of your cooperation?

The innovation of this project is closely integrated with the market and meets the market demands with strong competitiveness, which will lead to innovation and upgrading of surgical lighting so as to promote wide application of LED illumination technology in medical lighting field as well as technical progress and development of medical lighting industry. This project has a huge prospective market, which can promote the deep cooperation of LED Illumination area and help related LED technology and products enter into European and Chinese market so as to stimulate the technical exchange and cooperation in European-Chinese other industries.