Report on ´Climate change, impacts and vulnerability in Europe 2016´

‘Climate change, impacts and vulnerability in Europe 2016’ presents a primarily indicator-based assessment of past and projected climate change and its impacts in Europe, consisting of six main parts: (1) Policy context; (2) Changes in the climate system; (3) Climate change impacts on environmental systems; (4) Climate change impacts on society; (5) Multi-sectoral vulnerability and risks; and (6) Strengthening the knowledge base.

The report has been developed by the European Environment Agency in collaboration with the Joint Research Centre, European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, World Health Organisation Regional Office for Europe and three European Topic Centres (ETC-CCA, ETC-BD, ETC-ICM). The work has been guided by an external advisory group and the content of the report has been reviewed by independent experts.

Interesting key findings are highlighted in a brochure on observed and projected climate change and impacts for the main biogeographical regions in Europe.

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