NTEM becomes an associated partner of the DRAGON-STAR project!

In March 2014, DRAGON-STAR and NTEM agreed to join forces for supporting activities of mutual interest.

The Northern Technology Exchange Market (NTEM) is a state-owned national technology transfer center located in Tianjin. NTEM is as well part of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) covering the geographical regions of Tianjin and Northeastern China.

NTEM is a Chinese provider of services and expertise for the following areas relevant for European companies:

–          Technology/Business match-making service

–          Technology intermediary service

–          Intellectual property, financial support service

NTEM has officially become an associated DRAGON-STAR partner, while the two sides have particularly agreed on the:

  • Mutual exchange and dissemination of information
  • Active promotion of activities and events
  • Identification of suitable organisations to be involved in events and collaboration activities jointly implemented
  • Gathering and compilation of technology profiles
  • Active promotion of  the “DragonStar Innovation Award”

Maintenance of a regular and open dialogue towards strengthening the mutual interest of all parties and thus effectively support a sustainable cooperation