Monitoring the participation of EU Researchers and Innovation Actors in Chinese programs

In the context of the DRAGON-STAR  project, SPI has performed an non-exchaustive monitoring and analysis of the participation of EU researchers and innovation actors in EU programs.

The aim of this specific booklet is mainly share the experiences of European participants in Chinese programs. In order to reach the case study results, the project team approached more than 30 researchers. The researchers were selected based on their field of research, current interactions with the Chinese research organizations, and most importantly their involvement in Chinese research funding programmes. After corresponding by email and telephone, the project team was able to identify four leading researchers that were interested in committing to the case study development process. The case study content was obtained through phone interviews with each of the four researchers. The interviews followed a set of discussion topics to ensure consistency among the case studies.

The case study presented how the researchers approached Chinese research networks and individual researchers, preparation of the application, benefits through collaborations and barriers encountered, lessons learned and recommended actions to improve the participation of European researchers in Chinese programmes.


Name of the interviewees

No. Name Organization
1 Dr. Claudio Petti Salento University, Italy
2 Dr. Cristiano Varrone Danish Technical University, Denmark
3 Professor Werner Breitung Sun Yat Sen University, China
4 Dr. Kelly BéruBé Cardiff University, UK


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