HORIZON 2020 – What's in for China?

HORIZON 2020 – What’s in for China? (Source: EU Delegation in China)

Through participation in Horizon 2020, China can gain great benefits from access to excellent knowledge, access to research data and access and connection to world-leading scientific networks and research teams.

Chinese participation is welcomed in all Calls for Proposals of Horizon 2020. In addition, in the 2014/2015 calls several topics are specifically flagged for targeted cooperation with China including the fields of :

In these flagged topics, the participation of Chinese partners is strongly encouraged and will add value to the proposals.

China has become one of the EU’s key international partners in research and innovation through the previous Framework Programme, FP7. China is in a position to fully contribute to and benefit from Europe’s research and innovation capacity under the same conditions and financial rules for participation as their peers from other emerging economies and industrialised countries. This means that Chinese participants will need to cover their participation costs in Horizon 2020 projects with their own funds. To this end we encourage potential Chinese participants to contact their research and innovation funding agencies to seek support for their participation in Horizon 2020.

Overall, the international cooperation strategy of Horizon 2020 offers China a more active and balanced approach for cooperation focusing on mutual interest and common benefit.

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