Have you ever heard about HORIZON 2020 program?

To all the Chinese Research Community

Have you ever heard about Dragon Star Plus Project and HORIZON 2020 program?

The Dragon Star Plus Project is financed by the European Union (under the sponsorship of HORIZON 2020) and its goal is to develop a long term bilateral cooperation strategy in Research and Innovation between Europe and China, by providing support services to the European and Chinese Research Community, as well as offering a flexible platform to facilitate the policy discussions between both regions. HORIZON 2020 is the largest Research and Innovation Program in the world, with more than 600 billion RMB of funding to invest in Research and Innovation project between EU and China, and fully opened to the Chinese researchers and innovators community.

If you’ve already heard about H2020, please share your experience with us (in order to improve the opportunities for the Chinese side). If not, don’t miss this possibility to get to know about it and start to take advantages from the program and its funding system.

We would be more than grateful if you could do that, by simply filling our fast survey at:

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您是否听说过Dragon Star Plus项目和 “地平线(Horizon)2020” 计划?

Dragon Star Plus项目的主要目标是针对中国和欧洲之间如何建立一个长期的双边合作策略开展研究和创新。通过为中欧的研究社区提供支持服务和交流平台来促进两个地区间的政策讨论。地平线2020计划是世界上最大的科研创新项目,中欧双方对该科研创新项目的投资超过6000多亿人民币,该项目现已面向中国科研创新团体全面开放。