Handbook: Support Instruments and Services for European Technology Based Companies entering China

The handbook was created within the framework of Dragon-Star project by Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum (SEZ) aiming at presenting an overview on selected case studies of business support services for European technology-based companies (TBCs) interested in performing research, technology and development (RTD) activities in China. It is non-exhaustive and supports the international research and technology cooperation between European and Chinese companies. It collates relevant industrial support instruments and services existing in China and beyond, available for European TBCs.

The target group of this handbook are TBCs from Europe interested in going to China for the purpose of performing RTD work there. At first, some advantages, the general framework conditions and challenges of a technological collaboration and, eventually, establishing businesses in China are illustrated. The book highlights advantages and challenges and gives some initial advice to be prepared for legal issues. Secondly, the handbook offers case studies on support initiatives from the European Union, its Member States and last but not least from China. Useful information on services, contact persons, available languages of services and their costs are given.

Concluding, the handbook comes up with recommendations to TBCs: China is as open to innovations as never before. Yet, Chinese economic and innovative opportunities are always dependent on the current political framework. The Chinese government is willing and active to move the country away from a manufacturing towards a high-tech country. To European TBCs it is recommended to contact support service providers and for their undertakings in China, to prepare and inform themselves on important topics such as intellectual property. Moreover, a fair amount of patience and time is needed to establish and build up successful business relations.

Despite all obstacles, China is yet a highly attractive market for RTD activities.






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