H2020 Workshop, Tsinghua University, 28 Oct 2014

A practical guide for Chinese participation in the biggest EU  research and innovation programme

Time: 9:00-­‐12:00  (3 hours)

Dates: 28. October 2014

Place: Room 1214, Hua Ye Building, Tsinghua University

Participants: The target group is experienced researchers with English language skills and with preliminary or highest level experienced in international collaboration.


1. Research and Innovation in Europe

2. Horizon2020: the EU Research and Innovation Framework Programme

• Chinese participation in FP7: success stories, obstacles and lessons learned

• Structure

3. Who  can apply and how?

4. Who can apply/receivefunding?

5. How to apply step-­‐by-­‐step

6. How to find research partners?

7. Act as an expert

Goal: Participants will be introduced into the international cooperation strategy and the rational behind Horizon2020 (and Annex programmes like COST and EUREKA). They will know about the structure and the topics and how to find open calls for proposals. They will get to know about a proposal submission standard procedure step-­‐by-­‐step and do exercises in how to approach research partners in Europe.


28 Oct 2014 H2020 Workshop

28 Oct 2014 H2020 Workshop