European Innovation Scoreboard 2017 published

On 20 June 2017, the European Commission (EC) published the European Innovation Scoreboard 2017. One of the main findings is that the EU’s innovation performance last year continued to grow, with Sweden remaining the innovation leader, while Lithuania, Malta, the Netherlands, Austria and the UK are the fastest growing innovators.

The EU maintains a performance lead over China, but this lead is decreasing rapidly with China having improved more than seven times faster than the EU. The EU’s performance lead over Brazil, India, Russia, and South Africa is considerable.

For China, the trend analysis foresees a strong increase of the relative-to-EU performance from 80.6 this year to 83.9 in two years’ time. Due to this strong increase, the lead of the EU over China is expected to decrease further.

At the global level, the trends observed in recent years can be expected to continue, with the EU catching up with the United States in two years’ time, while the EU’s performance gap towards Japan and South Korea would increase and its lead over China decrease further.

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