DRAGON-STAR in the 21st Annual Conference of EARMA

The title of this year’s 21 Annual Conference of EARMA (European Association for Research Managers and Administrators) was “Global Outreach: Enabling Cultures and Diversity in Research Management and Administration” (http://conference2015.earma.org).

EARMA provides a permanent training platform for research managers from universities and consulting agencies from all over Europe and beyond (US, Canada and China). Over a four day period, seven hundred participants were present at the conference, giving them the opportunity to network, share their knowledge and participate in training activities.

EUrelations & the DragonStar (www.dragon-star.eu/) project organised and chaired a session on “Funding for EU S&T collaboration with Asia and beyond”. The goal of this session was to create a one-stop-shop info about research cooperation with Asia based on the EU roadmap for international cooperation. The speakers presented the “must know” as an information digest about bilateral country cooperation with Asia. They promoted EU roadmap as a common strategy and pointed out single initiatives where funding is available. Following topics were addressed during the 1.5 hour session:

  1. Roadmaps for international cooperation EU and Asia: MD Andrea Degen (Chair & Representative of Dragon-Star)
  2. China: Dr Sara Medina (for EU-FP7 & H2020 &  Dragon-Star)
  3. Japan: Ms Elena Maffia (for EU-FP7 Jeupiste)
  4. South Korea: Ms Moon Jung Kang (for EU-FP7 KONNECT)
  5. India and South East Asia: Ms Elke Dall (EU-FP7 INDIGO Projects, SEA-EU Net 2)
  6. What can Research Managers & Administrators contribute?

This session was a very successful 1st common information approach and will probably be repeated at future events, where RMA and researchers can be reached in high numbers. The presentations are available on the EARMA conference website (www.earma.org).

A total of 107 research managers signed up for our session. Evaluations have shown that participants were especially pleased with our training and valued its fit to the needs of the workforce present on site. At this point we would like to express our sincere thanks to the speakers, who did a great job!

On July 3rd 2015, EARMA offered an additional full day of training to research managers who are striving for a certificate as European research manager. One of the key topics of this training was Bilateral Agreements between the EU member states and international cooperation partner countries. Fifteen experienced RMA from Sweden, Italy, France, Spain, Hungary and Ireland participated in that course.

Altogether this year’s Annual Conference of EARMA was a successful event for DragonStar in order to disseminate information about the project to the main target group. Research managers at universities are the first point of entry and efficient multipliers for any information about research collaboration. We expect to have reduced concerns and stimulated the cooperation effort.