Connecting climate knowledge for Europe

JPI Climate provides a dedicated platform to connect climate research and knowledge across Europe to better support and respond to the needs for societal innovation and sustainable development. Europe aspires to be the most competitive and dynamic knowledge-based economy in the world. Yet climate change brings new challenges and opportunities which need to be addressed in a coordinated and large-scale manner to ensure Europe remains at the forefront of sustainable and economic development. Research, knowledge dissemination and innovation are crucial to responding to this challenge. In this context, JPI Climate brings together new and existing evidence to assist practitioners in transforming society towards climate resilience, and provides integrated climate knowledge and decision support services to inform societal innovation. To date, 16 countries across Europe have committed to working together within JPI Climate to ensure a coherent and complementary approach to addressing the risks of climate change. By bringing together European centres of excellence and integrating climate evidence and knowledge, JPI Climate supports sectoral and regional decision-making by different stakeholders and at different levels. This approach is guided by principles established in the Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) which sets out how JPI Climate adds value to current research efforts to move towards a more resilient and sustainable Europe.

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