China's Urbanization

China’s urbanization over the past thrree decades is a massive phenomenon of scale and speed. In the 1980’s, in a  very much “different” China, there were less than 200 million of “urban” population (a fifth of the total population). However, by 2011, 700 million (half of the total population) leave in urban areas, while tThe figure is expected to further grow in the future as 250 million migrant workers are expected to move to the cities by 2030.

Urbanization, in China, is controlled by the hukou system, a household registration system introduced in 1958. The hukou system legally ties migrant workers to their rural home and was designed to keep rural residents working on the farm.

The issue of urbanization is key in the bilateral Sino-EU dicussions and is also a key area of interest for DRAGON-STAR.

Download here an infographic for China’s Urbanization, produced by DRAGON-STAR : HUKU INFOGRAPHIC


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