The future of Chinese research – What are the scenarios for the future? (Task leader: Phemonoe Lab/EMETRIS)

Part of the Dragon-Star project is the execution of a foresight exercise that will reveal future development scenarios regarding the research environment in China. The report will identify future cooperation opportunities and threats, as well as trends and strategies in the fields of science and innovation. The main objectives of this task are to:

  1. Assess EU and China research and innovation landscape in to the future
  2. Identify future risks, opportunities, trends, competitive industries and technologies, in research and innovation
  3. Specifically investigate the areas of priority as described in the SFIC report.
  4. Identify potential cooperation areas, partners, technologies, etc, between EU and China

The task is executed through an initial quantitative analysis of scientific data followed by the study of specific case studies, and expert interviews. The final outcome will be the “China 2025” report.


——-> The Trendscanning for the identification of trends/factors affecting the research environment in China,  is ongoing. Read here the first draft!


Technology Trends Spotting in China



  • Capture and share insights and ideas for innovative technologies and applications in China. Feel free to post ideas and applications on any area (transport, environment, urbanization, health, social life, etc).
  • The best technology spotter will receive an i-Pad mini, while special gifts will be awarded to the 5 most significant spottings.

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On going Tracking

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CIA_Final1Trend Impact Analysis: take a sneak pick at our scenario study

EnergyChina.001 Energy Trend: take a sneak pick at our scenario study

Language Trend.001 Language Trend: take a sneak pick at our scenario study.

China Scenarios.001 Future of Research in China 2025: take a sneak pick at our scenario study