It’s a real challenge to provide researchers with helpful information regarding the existing cooperation programmes between European regions and China! How the involved ministries and mandated bodies to provide money for scientific cooperation are very diverse. Transparency is still lacking. The common economic and innovation policy in the EU in addition is under permanent construction. The Europe2020 strategy and the Horizon2020 programme present the up-to-date common ground.

The information we share here is the best we could find and collect. It may help to foster scientific cooperation and innovation on both sides in Europe and China. We don’t claim having a complete set of data as we constantly collect, verify and process additional infos. But be sure we do our best to provide you with a digest and an information service that really helps to set up common joint research and innovation projects. You are welcome to support the update of the information here by sending an eMail to We then will get in touch with you. Thank you!