Assesing the status of the Chinese research


A set of bibliometric studies has been carried out1 for the Horizon 2020 thematic areas and for the horizontal cross-cutting area of Urbanization.

The Scopus database has been be used and for each of the thematic areas and the following analyses has been carried out:

• Analysis of research strengths of China in relation to the EU

• Benchmarking of research in China against USA, Japan, India, S. Korea, and Australia

• Analyses of research activity of the ten most active universities in China

• Identification of the 20 most active researchers in China and in the EU, with information including publications, citations, h-index, and keywords describing the research profiles.

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1 The work has been carried out in the context of the task 5.3 of the Dragon-Star project, by the United Nations University in Macau.