DRAGON-STAR (01 Oct 2012- 30 Sep 2015)

People’s Republic of China, with approximately 1.340 million inhabitants, has the largest population in the world and also the fastest-growing country measured by the hard indicators of economic growth. The Gross domestic expenditure on research and development (GERD) per capita for China in 2009 amounted to €43.3, only 9% of the EU-27 average (€476.2) and 5% of the United States (€889.1).

Today, having succeeded in recent decades in establishing itself as “the world’s factory” and one of the biggest recipients of foreign direct investment, China is quickly becoming a world-leading high-tech country and a rising Research and Development (R&D) power. The Chinese government has attached great importance to Science and Technology (S&T) development for national economy growth.

The EC-China S&T Cooperation Agreement was first signed in 1998 and has achieved significant progresses since then, while most European countries are also operating their own cooperation schemes.

Taking into account the global significance of China in the financial world and its rapidly increasing role in the global research environment, Dragon-STAR will support the Sino-European collaboration in 4 levels:

  • Enhancing the quality of the Chinese participation in the Framework Programs and especially reinforcing the participation from less economically developed areas.
  • Supporting the reciprocity originating from the signed EU-China Scientific Cooperation Agreement and the other bilateral initiatives.
  • Supporting the bilateral cooperation in the broader field of innovation and especially technological cooperation between industrial players.
  • Supporting the ongoing bilateral Scientific Cooperation dialogue and the other related initiatives.

The foreseen work includes field studies and reports, information systemization, trainings for China’s National Contact Points, Joint Working Groups, creation of Joint Labs, etc.