Walking the Silk Road or how to access the Chinese Market, Seminar

Walking the Silk Road or how to access the Chinese Market, 10 December, Athens

 Delegates from Greek SMEs and Enterprise Europe Network advisors were gathered to get an insight in Chinese market on 10th December in Athens, in a seminar by PRAXI Network for Enterprise Europe Network experts, and was supported by DRAGON-STAR Plus.

Experts on business and technological environment in China were invited to introduce the modalities and the specificities of Chinese market, giving guidelines for successful partnerships and highlighting the emerging opportunities. Specific subjects of interest such as identifying the suitable Chinese partner, protecting IP and others were presented. Activities of Enterprise Europe Network in China were also presented and further collaboration between Chinese and European partners were explored.

More specifically, the attendees had the opportunity to receive guidelines of EU SME Center about search of potential business partners and CHINA IPR SME Helpdesk about intellectual property protection, presented by Ms. Saunders and Mr. de Tullio respectively. (Both experts presented the services provided and answered to specific questions.) On behalf of Beijing Technology Exchange and Promotion Center (BTEC), Ms. Choudhry provided a deeper understanding of business and technology transactions with China presenting the new Silk Road. (The topic attracted the attention especially regarding the collaboration opportunities with the BTEC.) Furthermore Ms. Markou from the Hellenic Chinese Chamber shared her expertise and experience supporting the Greek SMEs in their ventures. Mr. Christophilopoulos (PRAXI Network) presented the major trends in China’s business and technology environments based on the report prepared for/in the framework of Dragon Star “China 2025: Research & Innovation Landscape”. The one day training was completed with the past activities and possible future actions of Enterprise Europe Network in China, presented by Mr. Panagopoulos (PRAXI Network).

Experts and attendees agreed on the fascinating and motivating Chinese business and technology environment and concluded that seriously designed steps need to be taken by anyone interested in getting into business.