UK Natural Environment Research Council: Environmental risks to infrastructure innovation programme 2nd call (Closing date: 2016 April 20)

The Environmental Risks to Infrastructure Innovation Programme (ERIIP) is a collaboration between NERC and infrastructure owners and operators to enable them to access research and use environmental science to identify, quantify and manage environmental risks to UK infrastructure, such as those from extreme weather events and climate change.

Through this second ERIIP innovation funding call, NERC and ERIIP industry members are encouraging proposals that fill gaps in the portfolio of themes, hazards and sectors within the scope of the programme as outlined in the Announcement of Opportunity as well as proposals that address the challenges of ERIIP members which are publicised alongside this call.

ERIIP members, challenges, areas of interest and contact details (PDF, 215KB)

NERC are inviting full proposals from successful Expression of Interest applicants under this programme. Only applicants successful at the Expression of Interest stage are eligible to submit full proposals.

Applications must be submitted through the Joint Electronic Submission (Je-S) system along with a completed ‘Case for Support’ template.

ERIIP case for support, full proposal stage (Word, 138KB)

Deadline for applications is 16:00 on 30 June 2016.

Industry members of the programme were invited to present the challenges they are interested in addressing at the brokerage event.