Scoping China's Environmental Research Excellence and Major Infrastructure: Foresight, Potentials and Roadmaps

SPRING is a supporting action under EU FP7 Environment theme, with the main objective of creating and providing a solid basis for future EU-China collaboration in environmental research. SPRING will identify common needs and opportunities, analyse potential topics of research cooperation and initiatives, map competences and potentials of Chinese research organisations and major infrastructure, investigate strategic development plans and initiate roadmaps for future collaborations.

SPRING will analyse the hurdles, barriers, and cornerstones that need to be addressed to enable better research engagement by EU researchers to China, and vice versa. It will improve the visibility of research initiatives and strengths of Chinese regions to a wider audience in Europe. The project will create and maintain a web portal that will serve as a bilateral contact point, showcasing past projects and present project, and also update strategic plans for EU-China cooperation.