ORIENTplus: Linking EU and Chinese Research Infrastructures and Communities

Between 2007 and 2010 the ORIENT project provided the first high capacity link between GÉANT and China with FP6 funding support and successfully enabled many innovative EU-China research and application collaborations to flourish.

ORIENTplus is created to maintain and further develop infrastructure between GÉANT and China that is open for use by all European and Chinese researchers. The main focus of the project is to support the infrastructure link. In addition the proposal sets out unfunded supporting activities to optimise the performance of the link, promote the use of the link, and provide users with technical support.

A key objective is to upgrade the link during the term of ORIENTplus to meet the growing capacity demands and provide a wider range of services. The ORIENTplus will upgrade previous link from 2.5 Gbps to 2×2.5 Gbps or even to 10 Gbps. Once upgraded, it is planned that the ORIENTplus link will operate in hybrid mode, to carry both IP and point-to-point (lightpath) services.

A second objective is to ensure that ORIENTplus connectivity will be used to greatest effect by the EU and Chinese user communities. It is planned to optimize and enhance the Europe-China connectivity by supporting the deployment of services and tools such as perfSONAR (for network performance monitoring), eduroam (roaming access service for the research and education community) and Bandwidth on Demand service (to enable dynamic path establishment).

The ORIENTplus project is jointly funded by the European Commission through its 7th Framework Programme, the European NREN partners and the Chinese government

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