Joint Programming Initiative (JPI) Urban Europe publishes new Projects Catalogue

JPI Urban Europe is building international relationships and seeking to co-operate with international partners on strategic issues. Initial partnerships have been established that have resulted in the collaborations with the Belmont Forum on the SUGI call and with various Chinese interests with the aim of launching a joint call with China in 2017.

Based on the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) and its defined priorities and research topics, a multi-annual call agenda has been developed that covers the period 2015–2020. Since JPI Urban Europe endeavours to balance long-term planning and predictability based on agreed priorities for the upcoming years with the flexibility to act swiftly on urgent urban challenges, the multi-annual call agenda was updated in 2016.

The joint call with China is under development, relationships with various organisations are stablished involving funding agencies, research organisations, and urban planning organisations.

Read more in the new Projects Catalogue.