ICT and agriculture – a multidisciplinary approach to tackle societal challenges

From 16 to 19 September Beijing was host to the 8th International Conference on Computer and Computing Technologies in Agriculture (8th CCTA).

In recent years, modern information technologies and intelligent equipment techniques rapidly find widespread use in agriculture. In addition, a multidisciplinary approach to modern agricultural research has already led to a number of ground-breaking new solutions to common challenges, such as resource efficient production, intelligent sensing methods, and many others.

The Conference offered the ideal auditorium to present the EU’s framework programme Horizon 2020 which, with its challenge-based approach, seeks to bring together resources and knowledge in a multidisciplinary way to tackle common societal challenges. The EU Delegation Beijing S&T Section representative presented opportunities for EU China research and innovation collaboration in food, agriculture and biotechnologies. An interested audience of researchers from China, Europe, the US and other countries expressed great interest in the opportunities offered under Horizon 2020 and inquired about possibilities for multilateral activities. In addition to the general opening of Horizon 2020, the European Commission and the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences launched the EU China Flagship on Food, Agriculture and Biotechnology Research and Innovation at the last EU China Summit in November 2013 which offers great opportunity for even closer collaboration between the EU and China in some of the most critical areas of global concern.