Horizon 2020 Seminar in Beijing University, 19 November 2013


On 19 November 2013 a training session (seminar) was held at Peking University jointly organised with the Peking University, Division Overseas Projects. The Tsinghua University, Overseas R&D Management Office, was also taking part to the training aswell as the Beijing Nuclear Magenetic Resonance Center, the Beijing Social Sciences Center and the Beijing National Laboratory for Molecular Sciences. Except the Social Science Center all participants have previousely been involved in FP7 projects. Further there exists permanent contacts and exchange of staff with the CERN in Geneva/Switzerland.

The Content of the training was:

1. About “DRAGON-STAR”

2. Your experience in EU-Framework Programme FP6/7 3. Horizon2020 – FP8

– Background

– Structure

– Finances

4. Calls, Drafts, Dates

5. The BRIC countries – actual status

6. The Evaluation Procedure and Criteria 7. Summary

Dr. Andrea Degen (P9) and Prof. Odette Paramor (P11) jointly performed the training and discussed with the participants about the actual status of Chinese partners in EU-FP Horizon2020. As the participants are well networked and are also in charge at Peking University for future strategic thematic alliances (ZHANG YAN, Division for Strategic Initiatives) they chance is very high for them to mobilise substancial resources for international collaboration in the near future. The Australian Model and the Swiss Model (before the association to EU FP-5/6) was mentioned as good examples and a way to go for China.