researcherChina is one of the EU’s key international partners in research and innovation.

The Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) recently announced further information about how to apply for the EU-China Co-Funding Mechanism (CFM).

Under this scheme, 200 million RMB (€ 28 million) will be made available annually by MoST for China-based researchers and companies to participate in EU Horizon 2020 programme, the world’s largest programme for Research and Innovation. Such international collaborations, combining know-how, expertise and skills from different countries, hold promise for scientific breakthroughs and discoveries! On the European side, the EU Commission plans to provide over 100 million Euros per year to fund European entities in joint projects under H2020 with Chinese participants.

2016-17 Horizon 2020 calls

Several topics have been specifically targeted for European cooperation with China, including areas such as: Food, Agriculture and Biotechnology, Energy, Water, Information and Communications Technologies (see relevant calls listed on pages 2-3). Yet, China-based researchers are eligible to apply for all H2020 calls (check the full list of H2020 calls).

MoST co-funding mechanism for Horizon 2020

Information on the MoST co-funding mechanism for H2020, including deadlines, scale of fund per project, is available on the MoST website (in Chinese – in English). For additional information, the European Commission provides a list of Q&A on EU-China Co-funding Mechanisms.

H2020 is highly competitive but it may accelerate your research, unlock innovative ideas and spur your business!

How to benefit from the Co-Funding Mechanism?

Find a relevant call > find partner(s) > secure external funding through the MoST co-funding mechanism > submit a proposal > get involved!

Testimonials of researchers from China