Guangdong RCP Hosted the 1st OpenChina-ICT Workshop

Entrusted by NCP CSTEC, the Guangdong Regional Contact Point (RCP), a newly established regional FP7 help desk for southern China, successfully held the 1st OpenChina-ICT Workshop on Smart and Sustainable Cities on May 31st. DDG XING Jijun of CSTEC, MoST, Science Councilor Philippe Viallate of EU Delegation to China, and around 120 researchers, experts and enterprises representatives from the ICT society of both EU and China attended the workshop.

Philippe Viallate in his opening speech expressed that EU would like to participate more in China’s national S&T program to share with China its comparatively rich experiences in urbanization so to serve the green, smart and low-carbon urban development of both sides. In response, in his speech, XING stressed that a new type of urbanization is the prerequisite for China to realize its modernization;hopefully the participants would after this workshop come up with some policy recommendations to S&T authorities of both sides on how to tap the advanced S&T particularly ICT for a smart and clean development.

At the invitation of the CSTEC, Vice President of Tongji University also the Chief designer of 2010 Shanghai Expo Professor WU Zhiqiang addressed a keynote speech to the workshop. He presented his comparative studies of ongoing urban development in China and EU , then called for more attention paid to top-level and holistic design for urban development while the role of Hi-Tech being always stressed. The senior Research fellow Jeanette Whyte of EU-China Green Smart City Cooperation Technical Expert Group also in her presentation reviewed EU’s urban development over past decades and presented the present challenges EU is facing nor for further urban development.

Participants also discussed later topics of Smart Grids, Smart Transportation and Smart Buildings to identify more common interests for potential projects in the future. By the end of the workshop, both EU and Chinese participants found the workshop informative and helpful with their research and work.

The success of the workshop is another good example of China-EU cooperation under FP7 in ICT area, also it testified the Guangdong RCP’s capability as a regional EU FP7 help desk.

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