Globalization of Technology Transfer, TII’s conference, 5-10 May 2013, Beijing

TII’s 2013 annual conference aims to rally European groups of technology transfer professionals around a number of hot issues to improve the dialogue with Chinese counterparts and the quality of joint activities. Call for contributions open!

The conference will offer an attractive mix of

  • Site visits to leading knowledge providers and technology transfer organizations
  • The association’s annual business meetings
  • Plenary session on international trends in innovation and product design
  • Parallel session on collaboration between China and the EU
  • Parallel session on good practice and standards in international technology transfer
  • Company matchmaking event in the energy, medical new materials and machinery fields
  • Cultural/sightseeing activities, e.g. Forbidden City, Great Wall, Tomb of Ming Dynasty

We are planning the event in collaboration with the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) so that the audience can also benefit from the first-hand experience of network members doing technology transfer business between Europe and China. Global competition, R&D dispersal and low cost manufacturing have created a huge demand for design and creativity. This theme will be highlighted by speakers from leading companies and institutions in the plenary session of the conference. Expert presentations, formal seminars and informal workshops will address specialist topics relevant to the process of technology transfer and high tech trade. Each session will include speakers and presenters from Europe and China.

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