DRAGON-STAR Plus @ EARMA 2017 to “future-proof” decisions taken with regards to the EU-China STI collaboration and to rethink the research manager’s profession within a long-term perspective

DRAGON-STAR Plus is going to be part of this year´s EARMA 2017 providing an interactive session on April 25th, 2017 (16:30-17:30) having a twofold purpose

– to consider the future of an international research manager and administrator, and
– to discuss the future of STI in Europe and China by 2030, mega trends and social challenges.

A short brainstorming exercise about the future of internationalisation in higher education, research and innovation, will take place. Participants will select the main drivers changing their business environment and will identify the main risks and opportunities.

In addition, the session will provide an overview of an extensive scenario foresight study of the future for the research and innovation in China, and highlight specific risks and opportunities for Research and Technology Organisations (RTO) aiming to establish a long-term collaboration with China.

DRAGON-STAR Plus is sponsoring EARMA 2017 and will be represented at a booth, increasing the awareness of the project´s achievements and distribute information about the co-funding mechanisms implemented between the EU and Third countries, such as China, Brazil, Japan, and many more.

DRAGON-STAR Plus is looking forward to meeting you @ EARMA 2017 in Valetta, Malta

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