By Invitation Only: Scenario Workshop, 22 May 2015, Shanghai

An one-day scenario workshop looking into the future of innovation in China toward 2030, will be held on May 22nd in Shanghai. The workshop and the study leading up to it are part of the Dragon Star Project for EU-China science and technology collaboration and supported by the European Union Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai. Participants in the workshop include R&D directors of major European multinationals in China, leading academic researchers, and prominent Chinese entrepreneurs, in total around 20 people.

The workshop will deal with current trends, future scenarios, and strategic implications with regards to innovation in China. A scenario map will be created by the participants through a structured process. This map will enable a discussion about what technology areas, kinds of business models, geographical regions, and types of actors that will dominate innovation in China in the future.

The preliminary workshop agenda looks as follows:

  • Introduction of participants
  • Innovation in China overview: Current trends and narratives
  • Discussion in small groups: Main drivers and uncertainties
  • Discussion in big group: Selection of main drivers and options
  • Discussion in small groups: Definition of the scenario space
  • Discussion in big group: Implications of scenario map