The Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) recently announced further information about how to apply to their excellent EU co-funding scheme. Under this scheme, 28 million Euros will be made available per year for China-based researchers to participate in EU Horizon 2020 research programmes.





2016-17 Horizon 2020 calls

Whilst China-based researchers are eligible to apply for all Horizon 2020 calls,  there are several topics which have been specifically targeted for cooperation with China. These are described on p. 2-3 of this web link. The hyperlinks in the document will take you directly to the call descriptors.

The full list of open and upcoming Horizon2020 calls is available from here.

We would strongly advise that you use keywords in the search engine as there are several hundred calls under this programme.

MoST co-funding mechanism for Horizon 2020

Information on the MoST co-funding mechanism for Horizon 2020 is available in Chinese and in English

The European Commission have also provided a list answers to common questions about the MoST co-funding mechanism.

For more information regarding Horizon 2020

Get in touch with the Chinese Regional and thematic contact points

The National contact points in the other countries

H2020 a Practical Guide for Chinese Researchers

(In Chinese)

(In English)