Dragon-Star Plus meets China: EU-China Business & Technology Cooperation Roadshow, May 19 2015, Wuhan

Organized within the Expo Central China 2015, the largest comprehensive business and trade event in Central China, the EU-China Business & Technology Cooperation Road-show aimed to facilitate industrial technology transfer , business and trade growth between China and the European Union.


European companies, researchers, universities and other technology owners came to Wuhan for match-making with local technology and business enterprises of the six provinces of Central China, which made this Road-show the perfect place for the new Dragon-Star Plus project to meet the Chinese and European research community!


Have a look at some pictures of this event!




众多欧洲企业、研究人员、高校和其他技术所有者齐聚武汉,深入了解当地技术发展,并寻求与中国中部六省中业务对口的企业建立沟通与合作。因此该巡回展览为我们提供了一个绝佳的平台来让Dragon-Star Plus项目同中国和欧洲研究社区的参展者们见面。