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DRAGON-STAR, Newsletter 2.0

Dear colleagues,

The DRAGON-STAR project, is an FP7 activity aiming to support Sino-European collaboration in research and innovation by providing a series of practical services to European and Chinese stakeholders.The activities planned include field studies and reports, missions to China, training sessions for China’s National Contact Points, Joint Working Groups, creation of Joint Labs, etc.. The work is structured to serve 4 main objectives:

  • To enhance the quality of Chinese participation in the Framework Programs and especially to reinforce the participation from less economically developed areas.
  • To support the reciprocity originating from the EU-China Scientific Cooperation Agreement and the other bilateral initiatives.
  • To broaden bilateral cooperation in the field of innovation and especially realted to the technological cooperation between industrial organisations.
  • To assist the ongoing bilateral Scientific Cooperation dialogue and the other related initiatives.

It is important to note here that the complexity of the work and the size of China require synergies with other relevant initiatives in order to reach as many researchers as possible and be able to deliver practical results. Dragon-Star shares this collaboration culture and seeks cooperation with all the relevant actors in Europe and China and has already established cooperation with the EU Delegation in China, the EURAXESS-Links service and several other FP7 projects.

Thank you in advance for reading our newsletter and we hope you will follow our linkedin discussions for more direct coummunication.

Kind Regards


For the DRAGON-STAR team


TheTravel Grant Scheme – 1st call for Applications, 31 st May – 31st July 2013

Within the context of the Dragon-STAR project a Travel Grant Scheme will be implemented. The Travel Grant Scheme provides the opportunity for European organizations to investigate the Chinese market and identify suitable partners to conclude technological and/or research collaboration. It also provides financial support to eligible European organizations to travel to China.

The first call is open from the 31st of May until the 31st of July 2013 . It supports representatives from European organizations from the EU Member States and China to meet their counterparts For the preparation of the call documentation, material from the ENLACE project was used from the other region for joint preparation of a project proposal in one of the upcoming Horizon 2020 calls or for the conclusion of technological co-operations. The topic of the planned joint project proposal has to lie within the following areas defined by the HORIZON 2020 calls.

Find more information

Horizon 2020 infodays and training for the Regional Contact Points, October 2013

Within the context of the Dragon-STAR project the first Horizon 2020 infodays will be organised in China in the second half of October 2013. In addition, a special training will be organised for the Regional Contact Points focusing on the practical aspects of NCP service provision, including aspects of service quality and client satisfaction. An important topic of the trainings will be the new participation rules under Horizon 2020 and especially the new funding rules for the Chinese participants.


Assessing the current ranking of the People’s Republic of China in a set of research fields and identifying areas of common interest

A set of bibliometric studies has been carried out for the Horizon 2020 thematic areas, as well as for some areas of particular interest like urbanization. The first report will be availbable by July 2013 and will include :

• Analysis of research strengths of China in relation to the EU

• Benchmarking of research in China against USA, Japan, India, S. Korea, and Australia

• Analyses of research activity of the ten most active universities in China

• Identification of the 20 most active researchers in China and in the EU, with information including publications, citations, h-index, and keywords describing the research profiles.

• Analysis on the activity on the priority cooperation areas described in the SFIC report.

The work is performed by the International Institute for Software Technology of the United Nations University in Macao, China.

Calls For China

The Dragon-Star database provides updated information on new calls supporting bilateral cooperation in Science, Research and Innovation. Check bellow some selected calls:

marie curie

Marie-Curie Fellowships for Europeans and Chinese researchers

The Marie Curie Fellowship program has announced 2 interesting calls suitable for both for European and Chinese Researchers. Submission deadline: 14 August 2013. More info


2013 Germany/Hong Kong Joint Research Scheme

The Research Grants Council (RGC) and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) invite applications for the Germany / Hong Kong Joint Research Scheme 2013/14 exercise. The Scheme aims to promote research collaboration between Hong Kong and Germany by providing researchers in the two places with one-year or two-year travel grants. Applications must be received by the RGC by 17 June 2013. More info

china flag

Shanghai 2013 S&T Innovation Action Plan International Cooperation Programme

The Shanghai S&T Innovation Action Plan International Cooperation Programme aims to enhance international S&T cooperation and open innovation, and accelerate S&T development and independent innovation capability of Shanghai. The programme is divided into two parts, programme between enterprises and programme between governments. The budget for programme between enterprises is no more than 2 million RMB per project, while that for programme between governments is no more than 50,000 RMB. Application deadline is 30 June, 2013. More info

EPSRC-NSFC Call for Collaborative Research with China on Grid Scale Energy Storage for Intermittency

EPSRC (UK) and NSFC (China) are jointly launching the call in the field of “Grid Scale Storage for Intermittency”. The priority areas for this call are advanced thermal and mechanical large scale energy storage from materials to devices; advanced electrochemical large scale storage from materials to devices; management, diagnosis and control of grid scale storage technologies; economics, policy and business models for grid scale storage; operation and control for balancing and stability of power systems with grid scale storage. Up to five projects are expected through the call. Application deadline is 02 July, 2013. More info


Programme for Collaborative Diabetes Research between China and Europe

EFSD and CDS and Lilly have established a partnership for to target collaborative research endeavours between European and Chinese research centres and/or individual investigators in the area of diabetes and its complications to encourage new projects aimed at advancing current knowledge in this domain.To achieve the goals and objectives of this Programme, EFSD and CDS and Lilly invite applications by issuing this “Request for Applications” (RFA), which indicates joint funding as well as areas of research emphasis. Application deadline:15 September 2013. More info



The Dragon-Star calendar provides constantly updated information on selected interesting evens in China and Europe. Check bellow a list of selected events:

EU_China2 Towards Innovative Joint Solutions for Common Urbanisation Challenges (30-31 May 2013, Foshan, China) – EU-China Joint Workshop on Urban InnovationThe EU-China Joint Workshop on Urban Innovation is co-organised by the European Commission Directorate-General for Research and Innovation (DG RTD) and the China Centre for Urban Development (CCUD) of the National Development and Reform Commission of China (NDRC), in…Read More…
European Commission Logo fond blanc

Mission for Growth to China: Spotligh on Europe’s “Green Industry”, 18-19 July 2013, China

Following a series of successful visits fostering industrial cooperation, European Commission Vice-President Antonio Tajani now intends to visit China together with Environment Commissioner Potocnik. The “Mission for Growth” to China is planned for the 18-19 July 2013. Read More…
Chengdu EU-CHINA Business & Technology Cooperation Fair VIII, Chengdu, ChinaThe EU-China Business & Technology Cooperation Fair has been successfully held for 7 editions with an overall attendance of 1300+ EU companies, organizations, universities, governmental bodies, research institutions, etc. and 2700+ Chinese counterparts.Read More…



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