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15 March 2013                                                                                    newsletter 1.0      

Dear colleagues,

DRAGON-STAR is a new initiative supported by the 7th Framework Program, aiming to support the SINO-EU bilateral cooperation in Research and Innovation.

DRAGON-STAR is particularly aiming to:

  • strengthen the Chinese participation in Horizon 2020;
  • support the reciprocity originating from the Scientific Cooperation Agreement signed between EU and China;
  • enhance the bilateral cooperation in science, research and innovation and innovation fields, and;
  • enforce the ongoing EU – China Innovation Cooperation Dialogue

The work is structured upon 4 technical workpages including a broad range of activities, such as:

  • The provision of NCP services and the establishment of Regional Contact Points all over China
  • Studying the Chinese participation in the framework programs (quality aspects)
  • Supporting the participation of Europeans in Chinese research programs
  • Investigating synergies for tackling Societal Challenges
  • Mapping Joint Labs and identifying cooperation opportunities 
  • Supporting bilateral Technology Transfer by organising SME missions 

  • Supporting the bilateral S&T dialogue and synergies between programs

  • Assessment of the current ranking of the People’s Republic of China in specific research fields

  • Studying the  Future of the Chinese

     Research environment 

DRAGON-STAR will maintain an open cooperation culture aiming to cooperate with all the related stakeholders and initiatives.

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Epaminondas Christofilopoulos

DRAGON-STAR coordinator



peking university DRAGON-STAR visits Peking Univeristy, 28 February 2013

A meeting took place between the DRAGON-STAR’s coordinator, Mr Christofilopoulos and Mr Zhang Yan, Chief, Division for Overseas Projects , Office of Scientific Research, Peking University

Peking University is the best Chinese… Read More…


iitc beijing web DRAGON-STAR visits ITTN, Beijing, 26 Feb 2013

A meeting took place between the DRAGON-STAR’s coordinator, Mr Epaminondas Christofilopoulos and representatives from the International Technology Transfer Network (ITTN) in Beijing. Founded in January 2011 and sponsored by the… Read More…
A meeting took place between the DRAGON-STAR’s coordinator, Mr Epaminondas Christofilopoulos and Mr Philippe Vialatte ,Head of Science, Technology and Environment Section at European Commission / Delegation of the European Union to…Read More…

Selected Articles

Cultural history holds back Chinese research by Peng Gong

An  interesting article published last year in Nature magazine connects the Chinese scientific performance of China, with the teachings of Confucius and Zhuang, that have produced a culture in China that values isolation.Peng Gong, a professor in the Center for Earth System Science at Tsinghua University, underlines several cultural problems that slow down the research performance, such as the culture of isolation and the absence of collaborative spirit between researchers.Furthermore, Gong suggests financial incentives to promote collaborative projects and provision of support to increase participation in international projects. Read more…


The World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in China

Since 2008, Fast Company media publishes rankings of the most innovative companies worldwide. Also this year, the Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in China had been published at the start of the year of the snake. Most remarkable newcomer in this list is Xindanwei, a work- and meeting space for free-lancers and start-ups in Shanghai focusing on the creative and innovative scene. Xindanwei is founded by Dutch alumni Yan LIU who studied, lived and worked in The Netherlands for more than three years. Read more…



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