The Dragon Star Plus Policy Stakeholders Cooperation Platform shall provide, on the one hand, relevant information, documents and updates to its European and Chinese policy stakeholders and facilitate, on the other hand, the existing policy dialogue particularly in the three joint priority areas Sustainable Urbanisation, Food-Agriculture-Biotechnology and Climate Change.

The purpose of the Dragon Star Plus Policy Stakeholders Cooperation Platform is to initiate discussions and interactive exchange and communication between European and Chinese research and innovation actors, policy makers and funding agencies. It is complementing the existing Dragon Star Plus LinkedIn Group where you are more than welcome to join and participate in the dialogues.


Sustainable Urbanisation

The EU and China recognised the importance of innovation and socio-economic aspects in sustainable urbanisation in their Joint Declaration on the EU-China Partnership on Urbanisation signed in 2012, as well as in the conclusions of the EU-China Innovation Cooperation Dialogue of 2013. Through the EU-China Partnership on Urbanisation, the EU is developing city pairing with China and collaborating to promote clean, sustainable, and energy efficient cities.

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Research and innovation cooperation between the EU and China in the areas of food, agriculture and biotechnologies addresses important common challenges such as food security, food safety and healthy diets, animal health, sustainable agriculture and development of a low-carbon bio-economy. Given the economic weight of China, even small moves to more sustainability in primary production and processing can lead to substantial global benefits for the environment and climate. The opportunity to export sustainable solutions and scale-up the potential of the Chinese market will enhance innovation in Europe and contribute to growth and jobs. Read more…

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Climate Change


The EU and China have a history of close cooperation on environment and energy issues, including climate change. The EU-China Partnership on Climate Change provides a high-level political framework that is strengthening this cooperation and setting out concrete new actions. The Partnership covers the China-EU Action Plan on Clean Coal and the China-EU Action Plan on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energies. The Partnership provides for a robust follow-up process, which includes a regular review of progress in the context of the annual EU-China Summits. Read more…




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