UK – AgriTT Research Challenge Fund: Working with China to accelerate agricultural technology transfer to low-income countries

UK – AgriTT Research Challenge Fund: Working with China to accelerate agricultural technology transfer to low-income countries

28th June 2013

AgriTT is a new initiative between the UK Department for International Development (DFID) and the Ministry of Agriculture, China, and the Forum on Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA) to promote transfer of agricultural technologies, knowledge and management innovations from China to low-income countries in Africa and Southeast Asia.


AgriTT has three components:

  • Pilot Development Projects in selected countries;
  • a Research Challenge Fund;
  • Knowledge and communication of lessons on effective partnerships between China, UK and low-income countries to improve agricultural productivity and food security.


The AgriTT Research Challenge Fund invites teams of researchers to apply for grants to work on one of the following themes:

1)      Critical agricultural technologies: taking an agricultural technology innovation originating from China, and developing and adapting it to an LIC context with attention to the whole value chain from field to consumer.

2)      Effective value chain development: enhancing a commodity supply chain, where the commodity represents an innovation of proven technical feasibility sourced from China or elsewhere.

3)      Innovation in knowledge sharing and communication: enhancing agricultural information and knowledge flows related to a technology innovation to enable poor rural communities to make better informed decisions about their livelihoods.


Applications are invited from research teams that include partners from China, the UK and a low-income country in Africa/Southeast Asia. Researchers from other countries or international organisations may also be included.

Proposals selected for funding will demonstrate a high degree of innovation in their approach to use of new technologies, new products or services, new uses for existing technology, or new processes, including new mechanisms to deliver products or services.


Concept Notes should be submitted by 28th June 2013, the best of these will be shortlisted and invited to submit full proposals. The deadline for full proposals is 30th August, 2013.

Grants will be awarded in October 2013, and will run until October 2015. Grant will range between £150,000 and £300,000, depending on the theme addressed.

In addition, to the Open Call for Proposals outlined above, the RCF also supports Targeted Research linked to the Pilot Development Projects on cassava in Uganda, and aquaculture in Malawi. Proposals may request funding up to £300,000.


To apply, and for guidance notes on the Research Challenge Fund please visit