Short survey: Ever heard of H2020?


The Dragon Star Plus Project's goal is to develop a long term bilateral cooperation strategy in Research and Innovation between Europe and China, by providing support services to the European and Chinese Research Community, as well as offering a flexible platform to facilitate the policy discussions between both regions.  

To achieve this objective, Dragon Star Plus will strive to foster participation of European researchers in Chinese Research Programs and, in turn, create a positive effect on the Chinese participation in H2020.

But what is Horizon 2020 exactly?

If you have already heard about H2020, please take this short survey and share your experience with us. If not, don’t miss this possibility to get to know about H2020 and start to take  advantages from the program and its funding system. Your valuable feedback will help us improve EU-China bilateral cooperation opportunities!


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September 2015

22-25 September 2015

32nd IASP World Conference

Beijing, China

Zhongguancun Science Park (Z-Park) will host the 32nd IASP Annual World Conference on Science Parks and Areas of Innovation in September 2015. The conference will bring together experts from STPs (Science and Technology Parks) and other AIs (areas of innovation), technology-based incubators, academia, the public sector and business to discuss and debate in depth the trends in STPs and other areas of innovation as increasingly complex structures for professional innovation support.

Dr. Sara Medina, on behalf of SPI (Partner of DragonStar Plus Project Team), is one of the invited speakers.    

27-30 September 2015

Joint International Conference on Intelligent Agriculture (ICIA 2015)

Beijing, China

ICIA 2015 will provide a platform to exchange techniques, ideas, concepts and friendship for experts and scholars from all over the world. The experts and scholars from all over the world exchange the new theories, views, technologies and products and share practical experiences of research and applications on intelligent agriculture innovation.

In the context of this promising event, DRAGON STAR Plus will organise  an Horizon 2020 info day.

October 2015

21-23 October 2015

Space Week

Rome, Italy

During this three-day international event organized by the DRAGON STAR Plus project, participants will have the opportunity to attend two site visits of space-related research facilities in the Rome area, to participate in a brokerage event and receive latest information on EU funding opportunities. High-level representatives from third countries (China, Argentina, Canada, Japan and Mexico) will discuss their countries’ priorities and each third-country delegation will have the chance to present itself.

Come and (i) initiate cross-border contacts and co-operations, (ii) find new commercial/technological/research partners, and (iii) present your know-how and innovative technologies. 

28 October 2015

EU-China Sustainable Urbanization Workshop

Beijing, China

The DRAGON STAR Plus project and the Joint Programming Initiative Urban Europe (JPI UE), in which 20 European countries coordinate and align their research programmes, are joining forces to work towards a Joint Call for research collaborations in Sustainable Urbanisation between China and Europe.

This workshop will allow Chinese and European funding agencies, key players and experts to meet to highlight mutual benefits of jointly funding research consortia in Sustainable Urbanisation with Chinese and European participation.

If you are representing a Chinese funding agency, a policy maker or an expert in Sustainable Urbanisation you are kindly welcome to participate!

30 October 2015 (morning)

Launch of H2020 calls event 

Beijing, China 

On the occasion of the 2015 Research and Innovation Tour, the DRAGON-STAR Plus project, in cooperation with the EU Delegation in China, will organise a workshop for the promotion of the newly published H2020 calls, focusing especially on the specific opportunities for Chinese organizations. 

30 October (afternoon)

RCPs training on the new H2020 calls

Beijing, China

In the afternoon, DRAGON-STAR Plus will organise a special training session for the National and Regional Contact Points for H2020 in China. The training workshop will particularly focus on the promotion of the new calls and methodologies to raise interest from Chinese organisations. Scientific advisors from EU member states based in China, will be also invited to participate.

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