This report on Qualitative Chinese Participation in EU Frame Programmes (FPs) is the second part on this topic. The first report was delivered in September 2016. The first report was based on a study using Chinese scientific database on publications from projects funded by EU FPs. The general conclusion of the first study based on Chinese database could be drawn that European Framework Programmes had an important and positive impact on the production of scientific articles in Chinese literature, both in the quantity and the quality of the produced articles.

This study was based on the international scientific databases: Web of Science and Science Direct. 271 authors could be identified as Chinese participants in FP6, FP7 and Horizon 2020 projects. Both the quantity and the quality (based on citation rate of the publications and impact factor of the journals) have been compared for each individual author before and after the year of their FP projects started. The result of each individual author may not necessarily give much indication of their scientific development through the participation in EU FPs, yet the statistics of 271 authors give to some extend indication of the impact of FPs on the Chinese participant in their scientific evelopment. For all six parameters, the clear trend can be observed that the majority of the authors increased both in quantity and in quality their publications in international journals. after the year of their FP participation. Table 1 shows the percentage of the 271 authors in terms of the quantity and quality in comparison of before and after the year of their FP participation.